Whether you’re celebrating a special day, or just in the mood to hear something special, make a request, tell us when you want to hear it, and who or what you’re dedicating it to.

Make a request and give someone the joyful shout-out they deserve! Maybe your best friend just got a promotion, your child scored the game-winning point, or a co-worker saved the day. Or maybe you want to shout-out a birthday or special anniversary.

Making a Request lets you partner with us to express gratitude, joy, and love on our airwaves! Please share your request with us and you could have that piece heard on KUSC.

Please note: Keep in mind we get hundreds of requests, and can only play a few, but we always enjoy hearing what you like to hear! If your request is for an upcoming event, please try to send in your request at least two weeks before the event.

Tell us your favorite, and it could end up being played on the radio.